Dự án ngân hàng Maybank tại Việt Nam
Cập nhật : 10/09/2013

Ứng dụng kiểm soát vào, ra của Falco cho ngân hàng Maybank tại Việt Nam

   Maybank Hanoi began full commercial banking services in Vietnam in October 1995. In March 1996, it expanded its coverage by opening a representative office in Ho Chi Minh City. In April 2005, Maybank obtained a second license from the State Bank of Vietnam to upgrade the representative office to a full service branch. The new branch at Ho Chi Minh City commenced operations in October 2005.

   In March 2008, Maybank went into a strategic partnership with An Binh Commercial Joint Stock Bank (ABBANK). Established in Ho Chi Minh City on May 13 1993, ABBANK has an extensive network of 139 transaction offices located in 29 provinces in Vietnam. In recent years, ABBANK has enhanced co-operation with Vietnamese and international partners like Agribank, Prudential Vietnam, Deutsche Bank, EVN SPC, Prevoir VN, Postal Corporation of Vietnam (VNPost) and Telecom Corporation Viettel.

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