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Hệ thống siêu thị METRO
Cập nhật : 10/08/2013
Metro đối tác chiến lược của Checkpoint, người đi tiên phong trong sử dụng các hệ thống chống mất cắp của Checkpoint trên các đại siêu thị khắp thế giới của hãng

Partner for professional customers cbi:///cms/326728

   With over 700 stores in 29 countries, METRO Cash & Carry is the international leading self-service wholesale operator with sales of around € 31 billion in 2011.




   Everyday more than 120,000 dedicated employees around the world serve over 21 million professional customers such as hotel and restaurant operators, catering and hospitality firms, independent small retailers, institutions and offices. A comprehensive assortment of up to 20,000 food items and up to 30,000 non-food articles provides customers with a unique one-stop shopping experience. The company is particularly reputed for its strong competence in fresh products. 


   Its professional customers benefit from the broad assortment comprising both products of renowned producers and well-tailored private label ranges at attractive prices. The innovative services such as delivery and consulting for small retail shops give customers a great deal of added value and competitiveness.  


   Clear customer orientation, proven competence in assortment and services as well as strong corporate social responsibility and entrepreneurial spirit position METRO Cash & Carry distinctively as a reliable partner for professionals. 

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